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Professional computer techs to assist you on site with your business computer problems and internet technology service needs. 911myComputer connects you with the best computer technicians and internet technology engineers in your city.
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  We offer Computer support for Businesses and Business Professionals. Our Techs are the the most experienced Pros in the Computer Support field.

The cost of ON SITE support will vary from city to city, in general rates are $75.00 an hour to $150.00 an hour depending on the services and your location. Our Service providers offer Basic Tech Support for repairs on one computer to Advanced Support such as a complete Network Installation. Once your computer support needs are diagnosed, an estimate for further detailed support will be provided to you by the Service Technicians.

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Please read about our Services offered and General pricing structure.

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    LEVEL ONE - Basic ON SITE Support consists of: charges can range from $70.00 - $100.00 an hour of service, with a travel time charge depending on your location.

  • Are you having trouble with using your E-mail program or the Internet? 
  • Are you having trouble creating a document and then saving it in a folder? 
  • Have you lost an important document like a resume in your computer and cannot find it? 
  • Do you need help with a Microsoft program, Word, Excel or Windows 95, 98, 2000, Me? 
  • Have you Downloaded a program and can not install it properly? 
  • Do you think you may have a VIRUS in your computer? What should you do? 
  • Does your Monitor seem to not work correctly? Or your speakers are not working? 
  • Do you have Several General Questions about how to work your Computer?

    LEVEL TWO - Intermediate ON SITE Support consists of: charges can range from $80.00 - $120.00 an hour of service, with a travel time charge depending on your location.

  • All the Level one services provided, except in much greater detail and depth meeting the needs of your Computer Network. 
  • Basic Network Installation, i.e. protocol, IP Configuration, Software Installation and Network sharing of Applications and Documents. 
  • PC Configuration and settings, i.e. Software and / or Hardware, Software and Hardware analysis and selection for your Business systems. 
  • Computer Consulting and full review of potential business solutions, B to B E-Commerce systems solutions. 

    LEVEL THREE - Advanced ON SITE Support consists of: charges can range from $90.00 - $150.00 an hour of service. Once the computer systems network problem is diagnosed, a Quote Estimate for further support will be provided.

  • Full and Complete Network Support. 
  • Full Network Configuration of all systems and complete requirements as well as support. 
  • Full and concise Analysis of Business Networking solutions talored for your business environment and requirements. 
  • Full Network Installation of all Hardware, Software, Peripheral equipment and Networking Components. 

These are some examples of Computer Support issues and problems every Business Professional, Business Owner and Business Organization experiences with Computer systems and business technology challenges. We can help you right now with these and many other computer problems. Our Technicians are all highly skilled and Professionals in the Computer Support field. 

Professional Techs will provide you with computer help and support On Site. We can solve any and all of your computer problems, network systems issues, complete re-design of computer systems and new network installations today.

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